Optimal platform to start a business in the field of software

After you decide to start a business, you should come up with a new business idea. To do this, you should not ignore such fields as mobile applications. This is a very promising issue, and there are many sectors that may develop in the future. In addition, the mobile app market continues to grow rapidly even today. In 2021, more than 1,5 billion smartphones were sold, the share of mobile traffic increased, and online sales via smartphones reached the same level as computer programs.

The general concept of building a business on mobile applications does not differ from other fields. The first thing you should do is come up with the idea of creating a new program that should solve a particular problem to benefit and motivate people to install it. The next test is this idea. Thus the results of the research that you have done may appeal to your audience, and then you should choose a model of monetization and begin to translate this idea into reality. After that, we advise you to make a plan of which platform will be optimal for you.

Mobile platform choosing

Today, any entrepreneur must make a choice between two mobile platforms, such as iOS or Android. Previously, their range was wider, however, the market had many strong participants too. By 2022, iOS and Android had become general platforms for such programs. There are opinions that mobile OS Windows is present on the market too and actively struggles to become there. However, the figures of its achievements do not impress us yet. That is why we pay attention only to iOS and Android in this article.

Stores of apps such as Google Play Market and Apple AppStore differ in many respects. That is why you should start promoting your product or service in both of them. You should choose one to secure your positions there. Once you are successful, you should plan to create a version of the mobile app for another platform too. But there are some optimum factors too, such as no problems with financing business and these programs.

Android and iOS

After you decide on the platform, you should immediately start an applications download for Android. The annual difference in downloads between the Play Market and the AppStore is around 30 billion. However, despite the fact that in the Google store, you can achieve more downloads, the average profit of owners of mobile apps is bigger at AppStore. This is why you should think about it at once. As for us, here is a little advice:

  1. You can choose the Play Market if you want to achieve maximum coverage.
  2. Monetization is carried out through the sale of a mobile program or paid subscription, then it is better to start with AppStore.
ApneTV app
Bollywood Movie

Software for different platforms

Also, you can analyse the ApneTV app. It is designed for people who want to watch Bollywood movies and TV series in Hindi. Of course, the potential audience is big there and it’s not a new idea. However, the creators of this program distribute it for free. That’s why they chose the Play Market and started creating software through Android.

There is another example too. Today, you can start Necrophonic app free download for Android. The main idea of this program is that it offers fans of mystical compositions to easily find such tracks and enjoy their sound in order to create the right atmosphere during divination and spiritualist sessions. In this case, the audience for this program is very small. To get the most out of this program, you should create and implement it through Android.

However, if you are going to develop a program for video editing or creating spectacular stories, which has many useful features, you should start selling a subscription for this. That’s why the implementation of this program will be optimal within the App Store, where users pay for the purchase of programs or subscriptions to them more readily than in the Google Store.

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