Business ideas with minimal investments

As the Internet began to develop, it became easier for entrepreneurs to organise their business. There are many prospects for starting a new business that will not make you invest a lot of money there. The most important is your experience, professional skills and leisure time.

Articles on all occasions

Writing lyrics is one of the most convenient ways of freelance with a low threshold of entry. You can start earning in your spare time by making copywriting an additional source of income. As you gain experience and expand your customer base, it may well become your general job.

TIP! In the United States, copywriting is a common business. Enterprising professionals make good money by writing articles, articles and essays for print newspapers or Internet publications.

Copywriting is a service that does not require you to obtain special permissions and certificates. Of course, course documents or portfolio will be an advantage in attracting customers, but you can do without them.

There are some strengths:

  1. Minimum investment.
  2. A wide range of activities such as web design, SEO promotion and social networking groups. You can choose any option.

And weaknesses:

  1. You can’t do without the Internet, a computer or a laptop.
  2. High level of competition.
  3. It can be difficult for a beginner to find the first customers.

You will need considerable time and experience in writing texts.

Custom photo

It is a business with a large, broad target audience and the ability to engage creative skills. Thus you will need skills and interest in photography, professional camera, ability to use graphics editors and enthusiasm. You can expand your portfolios by providing free services.

There are some strengths:

  1. It will be easy for you to find customers.
  2. You can choose any schedule.
  3. New acquaintances and positives.

And weaknesses:

  1. Costs of purchase of professional equipment.
  2. Income depends on the level of skills and advertising.

Thus you can photograph weddings and celebrations, make portraits, organise children’s photography, and take photos for local newspapers or online editions.


Walking and caring for pets

Many people are busy with work and do not have time to care for their pets. To start such a business, you only need love for animals and experience of their maintenance.

Some strengths:

  1. No investment.
  2. High return.
  3. A job in the open air.


  1. Responsibility.
  2. Alien pets can be unfriendly and dangerous.

It is a profitable business in many developed countries such as Europe and the US.

Tutor in all disciplines

Tutoring is a popular way of earning, which will require you only to have professional knowledge in a particular area. However, you will be able to develop your pedagogical skills in the process.

There are some strengths:

  1. High demand.
  2. No investment.


  1. You will need professional knowledge in any academic discipline.
  2. Difficult students require patience and special treatment.

Specialists in this field will always be in demand.

Organisation of events and celebrations

You should have the organisational ability, the ability to continuously generate and implement new ideas, as well as a good mood for this type of business.

Some strengths:

  1. Lots of opportunities for creativity.
  2. Short work hours.

And weaknesses:

  1. You need to constantly be in trend and follow fashion trends.
  2. The cost of purchasing props.
  3. Availability of a private car.

TIP! You should organise this business with a partner with whom you can share the difficulties of this.

You will be able to organise your business without attachments and additional equipment. Thus you will need the ability to allocate time and professional skills.

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