Gaff’s Unicorn



   Throughout the Blade Runner movie, Gaff (Edward James Olmos) makes subtle indirect comments about Deckard using Origami (Japanese paper folding).  The purpose of this site is to provide a place where ALL the origami depicted in the movie can be presented in one location.

    This site includes all the instructions needed to make all three figures Gaff made during the movie.  The instructions are FREE and I very much encourage everyone to give it a try.  Click on the word link at the top of this page to go the the desired instructions.  These detailed instructional diagrams will walk you step by step through the folding process, enabling you to make as many as you like and impress our friends.

   Need more help? Watch the FREE Instructional Videos on the Video Instructional Page or click here.

    To find the origami metallic paper needed for the Unicorn, go to the Paper Jade.

Good LUCK and happy folding!

[ To see Edward James Olmos talk about his use of Origami in the movie, go here.  A written transcript is added lower on the page.]

For those who were wondering, Blade Runner Origami is not my full time job.  I own a Residential Construction and Hardwood Flooring Company in Michigan.  This site is just a personal hobby which I find greatly satisfying.

That being said, on occasion I am asked to make one of Gaff’s Unicorns.  Many people find it difficult to fold origami, even with the diagrams and video instructionals, so they ask me for help.  Sometimes it is a request from someones wife or grandmother, as a birthday gift.   In any case, this is the reason I provide the “Buy It Now” service.  I want to give every Blade Runner Fan the opportunity to have a figure no matter what their skill level.  Most people request the Unicorn, which is why I have it advertised on the site, but I have made the others on occasion.

If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me.


Kenneth Thompson

A Last Word:  "As a Blade Runner fan, I searched all over the internet for a place to purchase Gaff's Unicorn and couldn't find one anywhere. So I decided if I really wanted one, I was going to have to make it myself. After months of research, careful examination of the movie and many trial Unicorns later, here is the result.

    I hope by providing this web site to other Blade Runner fans, I am in some small way, contributing to the continued legacy of my favorite movie... BLADE RUNNER"



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Individual Unicorn


Purchase a Unicorn:

At the end of the film as Deckard and Rachael are entering the elevator from Deckard's apartment, Deckard notices another origami figure on the floor of the hall.

This hand made, faithful reproduction of the Blade Runner Origami Unicorn is exhibited in a beautiful plexiglass display, attached to a solid walnut base. The Unicorn is not permanently mounted inside the case and can easily be removed for examination. The case is 4 inch square.

Unicorn & Display



a Unicorn & Display:


Individual Unicorns will be boxed and shipped First Class Mail.  $3 to anywhere in the U.S., this includes Delivery Confirmation (U.S. only).  Worldwide shipping is by First Class International Mail for $4.

Unicorn & Display will be boxed and mailed Priority Shipping for $8 to anywhere in the U.S., this includes Delivery Confirmation (U.S. only). Worldwide shipping is by First Class International for $13. I do combine on shipping. Please email me for a quote.

Actual item shipped may very slightly due to the nature of the folding process and the grain of the walnut base. Item will be shipped within 24 hours of confirmed payment (except when the PO is closed) I accept, Paypal and Postal Money Orders...(Kenneth Thompson  P.O. Box 83  Niles, Michigan  49120  U.S.A.)  No personal checks.