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How to start a dropshipping business

Many people still believe opening and implementing a business is almost impossible today. However, entrepreneurs with a fairly high level of awareness and commitment can find an excellent solution to this question, especially if they consider modern technologies and innovative capabilities. We invite you to talk about such businesses as dropshipping eBay or Amazon and look at the benefits of this innovation model.

Dropshipping business: innovation for the modern world

In the past, many beginner entrepreneurs had a huge problem due to a lack of money and initial capital. However, this was partially solved when Internet commerce began to develop. Any beginner entrepreneur can start their business and simultaneously cut costs on its promotion. Dropshipping was the reason for this new type of commerce.

Dropshipping as a business model is a type of entrepreneurial activity that consists of selling goods to suppliers on behalf of intermediaries. Then, the goods are directly delivered to the buyer. There are two types of such “intermediary”:

  • beginner entrepreneur who must establish an online store to publish information about goods;
  • the owner of an online store was established earlier (for business expansion and new buyer engagement).

Intermediaries provide marketing promotion of products and advertising campaigns. Also, they make orders for buyers and accept their payments.

Dropshipping eBay or Amazon
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A beginner entrepreneur has several advantages that drop shipping can give him at the start of the business:

  1. Initial capital is not required since the drop shipper doesn’t purchase goods in advance. All an entrepreneur needs is a warehouse rental for goods and an office for employees.
  2. Financial risks are absent since the start-up capital is unused.
  3. The intermediary has no obligation to deliver the goods to the customer. It’s only the company of the product manufacturer who provides delivery. The intermediary is looking for customers.
  4. Dropshippers can cooperate with any number of companies. Moreover, it is advisable because expanding the number of companies increases the entrepreneur’s profit.
  5. Intermediaries can create their brand. The fact is that some suppliers hide information about the source of the goods and offer to deliver goods on behalf of the drop shipper.
  6. Besides, an entrepreneur will always have a well-established customer base. Each client will be reliable, and the client base will promote this drop shipper further online.

There are also some weaknesses of this type of business activity, such as the difficulty in defining the rate and characteristics of the product online. Also, a beginner drop shipper can detect and address inconsistencies and worry about the risk of losing customers. However, entrepreneurs have many ways to avoid such issues.

Many modern entrepreneurs implement their financial activities online. In this regard, some tend to secure confidential data and Internet procedures. Today, many professionals help entrepreneurs with the issue of reinstatement of suspended eBay accounts. There is no more such business type that would not be related to cybersecurity and cloud computing, and that’s a fact.


Dropshipping is an excellent type of start-up business as a format of entrepreneurial activity. However, a beginner entrepreneur should consider all the nuances that may arise at the beginning of this work. The main risk of this type of business is the loss of money and time to create and promote an online store. We wish you success on your professional path!

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