How Japanese culture influences corporate success: from meditation to origami

Despite the fact that Japan does not have a lot of territory compared to other large states, this does not prevent this country from being among the top three countries with the highest GDP rate on par with the US and China. Previously, the list of countries with the largest share of world GDP changed every year, but Japan is always very close to the top of this. The fact is that the largest Japanese firms compete with each other in the world market.

Features of Japan culture

This great achievement is due to Japanese culture. There, the residents pay attention to the formation of an integral personality for which the nation is one large family. Family values and a philosophical approach to understanding life helped Japan to build an amazing culture. The uniqueness of this country is evident in many spheres of life. Even the art of origami falls into this category. Such a thought would not occur only to the person who has never been fond of origami. Because there is a great idea behind the simplicity of folding figurines out of paper.

The fact is that the Japanese have long noticed the fact that a person loses the flexibility of mind with age. Different techniques are used to stop this phenomenon. Origami is one of the most effective ones. The fact is that even a quick creation of one paper figurine is not an easy matter. Complex figurines made of paper require a lot of time and effort from the person. This is why the figure-folding man turns into both a meditating philosopher and a patient seeker, and he becomes a whole person. As a result, it has a positive impact on all aspects of personal and professional activities of the person. Thus it is no surprise that Japan eventually became the most advanced economy, and the best Japanese companies are well known to people around the world.

Japanese businessmen

Largest Japanese companies

  1. Toyota Motors. It opens up a list of Japanese companies with maximum profitability, and it is the largest automaker. In terms of sales of cars, it is inferior only to the German Volkswagen. Today, this giant corporation employs more than 350 thousand. people. The quality of Japanese Toyota is well known to every motorist.
  2. Nippon Telegraph. This telecommunications corporation is the 2nd largest company in Japan. As for comparison with global companies, only three corporations bypass this issue of the volume of attracted revenue in its sphere of activity.
  3. Mitsubishi Financial. It is one of the youngest banking holdings, which is still less than 20 years old. That does not prevent this bank from being on the list of the most influential financial institutions in the world.
  4. Japan Post. At first glance, it’s just mail. How did it get to the fourth place on the list of the largest Japanese companies? The fact that it is not just mail, and the whole financial conglomerate, engaged, besides the postal business, and logistics, insurance, financial and banking services.
  5. SoftBank. It is another representative of the largest financial conglomerates in Japan, having shares in a multitude of diverse corporations. They are represented mainly in the field of finance, technology and energy.

We can’t describe all known Japanese companies in one small article, but we can mention such as Sony, Sumitomo Mitsui, Honda Motor, Mizuho Financial and car manufacturer Mitsubishi. Not far behind the list: Itochu, Dai-ichi Life Insurance, Mitsui, MS&AD Insurance, Hitachi, Panasonic.

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